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Business Plan

About us

We are a company of Easticoin (EST) trade, developed by expert programmers and traders, that work with the best methodology currently developed that inserts Easticoin in the cryptocurrency business market.


We believe that together we can make a difference and achieve our goals! Our genesis is turned to independent progress. Together with our users, we aim to achieve goals and profitability through this.


We are the answer for those who decide to walk on their own feet. We know the importance of being independent and deciding your next steps alone! This means that we have sufficient understanding of our own ability to reach even higher places.


The chance of exceeding our profit goals when we are together is immeasurable! Our company exists with the goal of bringing people together in order to fulfill their achievements with excellence and satisfactory incomes.


Us at Comtrade know that you, who decides to be part of our system is already successful! To reach incomes through our EST trade system it is only a matter of time.


We have the technology that allows you to monetize your ESTs to extraordinary levels!

EST Trade System

The EST trader has access to a completely smart system that allows him to verify extremely high percentages regarding the profitability of this market. An independent algorithm has been developed just to work on the Easticoin structure!

We are launching new EST plans, as we want the system’s maximum supply of trade to reach 500.000.000,00 in EST. Focusing the plans only on this digital asset we achieve the desired organization of all profits.

Don’t waste time and get your ESTs right now!


Our work today is fully made with Easticoin, one of the fastest growing digital assets in this market! Our EST plans are divided into packages between 500 and 500,000.

When this digital asset was in its ICO period, our company got a great part of the currency; dnd because of that we have all this credibility to offer our customers. Easticoin is one of the fastest growing cryptocurrencies in the crypto-market. Its value has increased 200% more than its initial value!

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Growth opportunity

Here at Comtrade is where you meet several opportunities to take you to your goals! Your chance of growth has come.

Meet our leases

We offer leases that go from 500 EST up to 500,000 EST. Our currency packages are made for all of the interested people, and they yield up to 0.5% of daily incomes!

500 EST

incomes of up to 0,5 % per day

1000 EST

incomes of up to 0,5 % per day

2.500 EST

incomes of up to 0,5 % per day

5.000 EST

incomes of up to 0,5 % per day

10.000 EST

incomes of up to 0,5 % per day

15.000 EST

incomes of up to 0,5 % per day

20.000 EST

incomes of up to 0,5 % per day

50.000 EST

incomes of up to 0,5 % per day

100.000 EST

incomes of up to 0,5 % per day

250.000 EST

incomes of up to 0,5 % per day

500.000 EST

incomes of up to 0,5 % per day